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Monday 11 January 2010

Enough is Enough!

I'm sick of housework! Now that I've fulfilled the motherly duties that are expected of me at this time of year (open house for my nearest and dearest, endless supplies of laundered sheets and towels, cupboards bursting with food etc.), I'm thinking of shutting up shop and putting the closed sign over the door. I have, after all, a life outside the confines of these four walls. I have New Year's Resolutions to make (I only do positive ones so I shall be starting something new rather than giving something up), old friends to reconnect with, and holidays to plan.

While I'm waiting for my twenty-ten life to get into gear I intend reading some wonderful books that have been sitting on my bedside table begging for attention. I think I'll start with, The Drinker by Hans Fallada. I lent it to Sara first who thought it was brilliant but utterly depressing so I will gird my loins and get stuck in. This novel was discovered after the death of the author and is most likely based on personal experience. It was originally written in an encrypted notebook and found in the Nazi insane asylum in which Fallada was incarcerated. It does sound dreadfully gloomy but having read Alone in Berlin, also by this author, I know that it will be well worth the effort.

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